Mud slinging over fire station

THE NEW premises for the Vila do Bispo Bombeiros are nearly finished but can only be opened when final funding has been transferred by the câmara to complete the project.

Work began in 2005, following years of struggle to acquire sufficient funds from the government, and the project was initially on target but the câmara allegedly began to delay payments for the project.

The firefighters’ association President, Adelino Soares, said that the remaining funds total 100,000 euros but the Câmara President, Gilberto Viegas, is adamant that the remaining amount to be transferred is around 37,000 euros.

Soares has accused Viegas of playing political games due to the fact that Soares was a candidate for the opposition in 2005 and he believes he is being punished by the local social democratic leader. Meanwhile, Viegas accused Soares of exploiting this situation for political gain.

A spokesperson for the câmara said that the “situation is being resolved and all efforts are being made to collaborate with the bombeiros”.

While the two sides continue to argue over the remaining funds, the station, which is nearly complete and is waiting to open, has yet to be used. The station’s inauguration is due to take place before the end of April.

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