MTV Europe Music Awards come to Lisbon!

news: MTV Europe Music Awards come to Lisbon!

THE MEDIA were recently given an insight into one of the most prestigious musical events held in Europe – the MTV music television Europe Music Awards that will be held in Lisbon on November 3.

Flamboyant ‘television presenter from Kazakhstan’, Borat Sadgiyev – better known as Ali G, the UK’s famous white rapper wannabe comedian – attended the launch in Lisbon and was an unmissable presence. Also present were António Carmona Rodrigues, Lisbon Câmara temporary President, António Campo Dallòrt, managing director South MTV, and Lorenzo de Stefaui, head of MTV channel in Portugal. If what The Resident witnessed was anything to go by, this will be a must watch presentation!

The prestigious MTV Europe Music Awards will bring to Lisbon a huge number of pop stars and The Resident will be there to bring you a full report. Continue reading your favourite publication for more updates of the event.