Mrs Pepys returns

After a successful run at three different venues, Mrs Pepys has been invited to perform again in Quinta do Lago.

Her bawdy restoration comedy, ‘The Rhyming Diary of Mrs Pepys’, is based on the marriage of Charles II to the Portuguese princess Catherine of Bragança. Using factual incidents taken from her husband’s diary, the sexual scandals and religious intrigues of the time are acted out in rhyme by a cast of nine.

Making good use of Charles II and his lascivious appetite for women, local author and playwright Carolyn Kain has capitalized on every comic possibility. The King’s need to father an heir and the lavish dowry provided by the Portuguese convinced him that Catherine of Bragança would make a suitable wife. Their marriage, however, did not prevent him from continued dalliances with the likes of Nell Gwynne!

The play is directed at a fast moving pace by Thomas Hartmann.

Magnólia Hotel, where the performances will be held, is located on the road from Vale do Lobo to Quinta do Lago.

Performances will take place on October 24 (optional dinner at 7pm/play begins 9pm) and October 25 (matinee at 5pm/optional dinner at 7.30pm).

Tickets to the play cost €10 while the optional three course dinner with wine costs €18.

289 070 190 (reservations)

Photo: Back row, from left: Damian King, Els Dietz, Thomas Hartmann, Denise Raines, Georgina Hall; front row, front left: Sue Ward, Natalie Galland, Carolyn Kain, Barbara Mountford