“Mr Passport” – TAP’s David Neeleman changes nationality, again

TAP boss David Neeleman is now a Cypriot, reports Correio da Manhã this morning.

The airline mogul and leading shareholder in Portugal’s national airline has previously been described as an American and as a Brazilian. But neither of those nationalities helped him for business purposes in Europe. In fact, there was the fear that his position at TAP could be construed as illegal for the simple fact that he was not a European.

Happily, these tiresome details have been settled with Neeleman simply purchasing a European nationality.

Expresso reports that he now has three passports which he presumably produces according to the requirements of whichever country he is doing business in.

No mention is made of how much Cyprus charges people for nationality, nor for a passport, or how cumbersome or otherwise the process might be.

But for Neeleman that’s old history. The sky now is literally the limit.

He has told reporters that his new nationality will come in very handy as he has a number of other projects that he would like to initiate in Europe, while of course being fully committed to taking TAP to all corners of the developed (and sometimes not so developed) world.

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