Fernando Medina lost his seat as mayor of Lisbon last year, and was given a place in government a few months later Photo: MIGUEL A. LOPES/LUSA

MPs query why Portugal isn’t reducing IVA on essential items

MPs for PAN and IL (Iniciativa Liberal) are pushing for the government to reduce IVA on essential items (bearing in mind ‘immense price rises’ which show no signs of reverting). In the past, such a decision required Brussels’ ‘say-so’ but a new directive, in place since April 7, means individual Member States can now make these kind of decisions on their own. Say the parties, other countries are already doing this to soften the blow of rising prices. For now, say all reports, finance minister Fernando Medina “has shown no signs he will adopt” such a strategy. Mr Medina’s 2022 State Budget is already been criticised for returning the country to ‘cloaked austerity’.