Bruno Inácio replaces Mendes Bota as PSD’s Algarve MP

MP || Bruno Inácio replaces Mendes Bota

He’s only 31-years-old but he’s already started his new job as an Algarve Member of Parliament (MP) for social-democrats PSD.
Bruno Inácio, born in Loulé and former president of JSD/Algarve (Young Social Democrats), is faced with the tough task of replacing the legendary Mendes Bota who stepped down from a 24-year parliamentary career last month (see:
He agreed: “I cannot replace Mendes Bota because he is irreplaceable” but confirmed he would strive to defend the best interests of the Algarve.
Inácio holds a degree in marketing, and is currently a substitute member of the Commission of Agriculture and Sea and the Commission of Economy and Public Works.