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Moving to Portugal?

Since 2018, Portugal has been recognised as one of the 10 best countries to live abroad. The quality of life and safety, as well as its welcoming people, are pointed out as positive factors for expats, that continue to choose this country as their new home.

However, the formalities and bureaucracy of the relocation process can be quite demanding and often ‘difficult’ to understand, especially when one doesn’t master the language. It is necessary to procure quite a few official documents (like passports, visas, residence certificates, Portuguese tax numbers, etc) that, despite not being too hard to get, require that we go to several government institutions, often in person.

Fortunately, there are people who take care of all this process moving for us. For example, at Global International Relocation you will find a team specialised in immigration and relocation processes, with a complete and comprehensive service that fully supports the expatriates throughout this process.

Guaranteeing continuous support and that everything is done in compliance with all local laws, their focus is on the success of each process – each individual or family is seen as unique and the analysis of their needs and objectives is studied in detail. To deal with the bureaucratic side of things, this specialised team will start by providing a preliminary advisory service where clarification will be given regarding the country and the geosocial context. Once the desires and needs of those relocating have been established, they will assist in the selection of houses or flats to buy or rent, and for those who have children or youngsters, they will help in the selection of schools, in addition to all the other services they can provide.

Having found the space of our dreams, it is necessary to make the move and bring all our belongings to our new country. This is also where companies like Global International Relocation make a difference, as they can manage the whole moving process, making our lives easier and guaranteeing an impeccable service. The shipment of our goods is handled from top to bottom, from their collection in the country of origin, to their delivery to our new home. From the export license, to sea freight and transport insurance, everything is taken care of so that we don’t have to worry about a thing. And, whenever applicable, everything is thought out so that our dispatch is done tax-free.

With its 15 years of experience, all these and other bureaucracies are dealt with easily and efficiently. The whole process can be followed by each client through a specialised platform where they can communicate with the process manager and check all the information.

So, moving to Portugal? Yes, absolutely! But with the right assistance and help, it will be even better.

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(chamada para a rede fixa nacional / call to the national landline)
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