Moving on…

Dear Editor,

Regarding your rather clever “April Fool” report about the tolls on the EN125, I fail to see how anyone could take offence to that piece.

It was pretty obvious to me when I read the headline that it was a spoof, as I often look for these type of articles around the beginning of April, but they’re good fun, and should be treated as such.

So please don’t be put off by the letter you received, and I look forward to next year’s effort. Perhaps by then the A22 will be ‘toll free’ and the EN125 will be fully repaired. Ha ha!

Moving on to a more serious subject; it will no doubt be of great relief to everyone associated with Praia da Luz, that the Madeleine inquiry seems to be finally winding down (reference your article of last week).

I visited a lovely restaurant there a few years ago at the same time the Met were doing their ill-conceived dig, and the staff where we had lunch were absolutely incensed with the whole drawn out affair. As sad as this all is, this is probably a good time for everyone, including Kate and Gerry, to move on.

Mark Jackman