Photo: Inês Lopes/Open Media Group

Movin’ here!

Heya Pat! A nice article full of truths and spiked with humour (‘A very good time to be a resident’ by Pat the Expat, May 13 edition).

About a year ago, I received my D7 for retirement and, by late December, received my Título de Residência. Some folks find it hard to understand that I have immigrated here and expect to live here until I die. Everyone understands that I pay taxes here (and to Canada too) and that I am trying hard to learn more Portuguese every day.

But many do not understand my saying that “I expect to live here until I die”. Funny but perhaps many think they are immortal or cannot come to terms with the concept of death …

No matter. Portugal essentially has this resident’s soul. With this pandemic, I have set aside travel notions and, with that, “saudade” is gone too.

Looks like my travel vouchers from various airlines will sit for a while while I enjoy learning Portuguese, learn how to manoeuvre through Portugal’s bureaucracy and enjoy interacting with folks here whenever I can. 

By August 2022, I will complete my studies at U. Coimbra, and will have decided on an area to move to. Flat (aka few hills because of my mobility issues) but with not too many expats around, as I try really hard to interact with locals.

My past experiences with the Algarve coast showed me I would not fit into a “little England”. The local Portuguese like the fact that I am spending my retirement monies (from Canada) locally. If I can find a school willing to accept me as a volunteer, as a trained but retired teacher, they may “want” me to help with conversing with students who are working on English.

Well Pat – carry on, as if normal.