Movie theatres enjoy best year since 1975

After staging a major comeback in 2015, Portugal’s movie theatres enjoyed yet another great year in 2016 with audiences and revenue up 2.2%

Around 14.8 million ticket sales totalling €76.6 million were registered last year– the highest figures since 1975, says data from the national cinema and audiovisual institute (ICA).

The downside – at least for the country’s movie industry – is that Portuguese films were seen by just 350,000, compared to 940,000 in 2015.

The most popular film at the international box-office was animated comedy film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, seen by 604,055 people, followed by superhero flick ‘Suicide Squad’ (449,018), two other animated films ‘Finding Dory’ (423,815) and Zootopia (393,635) as well as another superhero movie ‘Deadpool’ (361,637).

Data also shows that the average ticket price is now €5.15.

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