Mountain of wreckage

A mountain of metal debris amounting to around 15,000 square metres is still lying on the site of the Portimão Retail Park nearly a year after it was almost totally destroyed by a violent blaze.

The situation has brought protests from local residents, as well as surprise from tourists wondering about the reason for the unsightly presence in a large space that is fenced-off but visible to passers-by (pictures were taken this week).

The Portimão municipal authority has called on Fund Box, the real estate fund manager responsible for the park, which is private property, to remedy the problem.

It is estimated that the reconstruction of the retail park could cost in the region of €20 million subject to insurance claims.

Seven stores were gutted (Continente, Moviflor, Staples, Radio Popular, De Borla, where the blaze started, Aki and Decathlon) when fire broke out last September.

An investigation by the PJ police into the cause of the tragedy ruled out the possibility of arson.

Meanwhile, Portimão Câmara councilor Francisco Sobral has said that plans for the installation of an AKI store at the site of the old co-operative winery (Adega Cooperativa de Portimão), near the V6 road, have been submitted for approval.

Other stores, including sports shop Decathlon which is temporarily located by the riverside area, are also expected to open in the area currently occupied by the winery.