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Mountain by Griff Rhys Jones


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Mountain by Griff Rhys Jones is out in paperback

at 12.60 euros.

Griff Rhys Jones was a mountain virgin. So when it was suggested that he might like to go up a few of Britain’s peaks, he rightly asked “isn’t there someone better qualified?”

Apparently not. So Griff was duly dispatched across the rooftops of England, Scotland and Wales to explore some of the roughest, most arduous – not to mention most beautiful – terrain, and to meet those who live daily in such thin-aired wilds.

After bumbling around in a boat, mountaineering must have seemed like a challenge too far. However, once talked into it, climbing the big mountains like Snowdon, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike, and many others besides, gave Griff an insight into the passion and devotion our high places inspire – and turned a mountain virgin into a mountaineer. Well almost…

If the TV series enthralled, then read Mountain, his account of the trials and achievements involved in exploring Britain’s high places.