Motorway street racing

Officers from Albufeira’s Brigada de Trânsito (BT) managed to stop a street car race due to take place on the Via do Infante motorway at the Lagos petrol station recently. Staff at the petrol station called the police after noticing over 30 cars travelling at high speed very early in the morning. Two BT police cars immediately left for the Lagos petrol station, where it was thought the race would start. Although there were less cars than reported when they arrived at the location, a BT spokesperson revealed that they were able to identify 12 cars that were getting ready to race down the motorway.

According to police reports, ‘street races’ are becoming more frequent in Lagos, Estói, Olhão and Albufeira Marina. As a precaution, the BT has announced they are to station police cars at the sites where the races are believed to take place. “We are doing everything to avoid this situation from happening again,” a BT spokesperson said.