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Motorway mayhem near Porto as machine-gun raiders ram Spanish car

PJ police are this morning investigating a terrifying car chase along the A4 motorway near Marco de Canaveses (Porto) which ended in a spray of machine gun fire as armed raiders disappeared off with a briefcase.

“The intense smell of burnt rubber” hung in the air for hours, writes national tabloid Correio da Manhã, explaining that the car-chase played out over several kilometres before two Portuguese-registered vehicles rammed a Spanish car, forcing it to a halt.

Eyewitnesses have described their panic as machine-gun toting men then burst from the Portuguese cars to threaten the Spanish driver, and rapidly grab the briefcase.

According to CM, the driver “guaranteed” that he had no idea what was in the case – thus “the scenario” under investigation now is that this was some kind of “settling of scores”, most probably linked to drug-trafficking.

For the time being, the “victim” of the chase – who escaped unharmed – is “helping Porto police with their inquiries”.

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