Motorway link abandoned

A controversial project to link the Via do Infante to the centre of Faro has been abandoned after complaints of it passing through a large swathe of working agricultural land, according to Jorge Costa, Secretary of State for Public Works.

“Many concerns were put forward recently concerning this connection, as it would pass through agricultural land”, says Costa. “We were sensitive to these complaints, which led us to the division of the project in two parts. Now, we will go ahead with the connection between São Brás de Alportel and the Via do Infante (VLA) and will then study a new corridor to connect the VLA with Faro.” He predicts that the project will be finished by 2005 and that construction will begin in 2006. The President of Paço Branco Property Commission, José Faustino, was thrilled to hear the news, claiming that the plan was an injustice as it would destroy the agricultural area of Faro and many productive fields.

Despite being satisfied with the decision, Faustino guarantees: “Now we will be on top of the project. I hope the new plan will not be disadvantageous to anyone and that the project will be open to public consultation when it is finished.”