Dear Editor,

I have been following the debate on motorhomers and their wild camping attitude.

I live in Tavira and can’t believe the number of motorhomers that invade here, particularly in the winter months.

What I don’t understand is what right do they have to just park up and stay as long as they wish? Free of charge?

Not only do they use the town’s facilities, which we have to pay for, they are an eyesore.

How would they feel if several hundred motorhomers invaded their small hometown every winter and just parked up where they felt like it – refusing to pay to use a camp site nearby?

The phenomenon of motorhomes is a recent one, before that people used caravans.

You would never see people with caravans just pull up where they felt like it and ‘wildcamp’ so what gives the motorhomer the right?

Hang on… yes you did. They were known as Gypsies or New Age Travellers.

So, if you in your 30,000-50,000 euro (or more) vans want to be tarred with the same brush, carry on but don’t expect any sympathy and don’t expect people to like it. 

Allan Hogsden