Motorhomers Letter # 2

Dear Editor,

In response to two letters (Richard James and Yvonne Mauger in last week’s Algarve Resident), I would like to put a couple of points straight:

A motorcaravan under EEC ruling is classed as a car! As a car, a motorcaravan is entitled to park anywhere a car can park legally.  What we do inside our motorcaravans is nothing to do with anyone else.

If a motorcaravan is legal in its home country, it is also legal in every other European country.

We are not parasites.  We are tourists who bring our own accommodation with us.  We also take our own accommodation away with us, leaving far less environmental impact than the thousands of apartment blocks and hotels that blot the landscape forever.

All motorcaravaners I know are very responsible people who dispose of their waste “responsibly” and, as I mentioned before, often cleaning up the mess made by locals!  

How many other minority groups would you herd into camps or fine for simply existing? Very dangerous ground!  

I respect the rights of other people to live their lives as they see fit and do not dictate to them how they should or shouldn’t live.