Motorhome facilities needed

Dear Editor,

In response to Gees P Ottens (Algarve Resident, January 21), I would like say that I am from the UK and retired. I have paid all my taxes all my working life, I have downsized my home in order to buy an apartment in Portugal, supplement a meagre pension and make the most of my retirement.

The vast majority of people I see in motorhomes are in my age group and are probably trying to make the most of their retirement in the way they prefer or can afford with no intention, I’m sure, of causing nuisance to anyone.

There are many retired people from the UK that have worked and paid taxes prior to retirement but have now lost their pensions due to privatisation and greed of directors and shareholders.  Why shouldn’t they sell their homes to try and have the retirement they worked for?

I have never stayed in a motorhome but have considered buying one for some time and consequently I have looked at camping sites in the UK, Spain and Portugal. My perception is that site owners charge for every possible thing they can think of and try to squeeze as much money as possible from their customers.

Would it not be a good idea for all the councils to offer with little investment ‘Wild Camping’ on designated rough ground sites with absolutely minimum facilities and for an absolutely minimum fee?

Steve Wilson

By email

Dear Editor,

In 1976/7, I bought a motorhome and toured the US, Mexico and Canada with my family. Throughout the US and Canada, facilities are provided for parking, eating, washing and sewage disposal, and even fixed bbq grills.

In that time, motorhomes were rare in Europe. Now it is a powerful tourism attraction. We need facilities for these visitors, consistent with safeguards for environmental and landscape concerns. So, your newspaper could promote câmara provision of these facilities, which need good and attractive design, layout and essential provisions.

A ‘ranger’ could monitor these sites on a given circuit of sites, collect parking fees, and that is both employment and control in one.

Geoffrey Swain

By email