Motorhome concerns

Dear Editor,

I was worried to read about the closure of Portimão’s motorhome park in Praia da Rocha.

I know people who used to use it and who will certainly be very sad to know it is no longer available to them.

I also fear the impact that such a decision may have on the local economy, especially restaurants and supermarkets. My friends own a bar in Praia da Rocha and they always expressed concern that sooner or later the park would close and they would lose vital business from motorhomers.

Being the biggest town in the Western Algarve, I find it surprising that Portimão still does not have a truly respectable place for motorhomers to stay.

They play an important role in terms of keeping local economy going through winter.

Hopefully the closure of the park won’t lead to complicated situations like those that occurred a few years ago in Silves, with police ordering motorhomers out of areas that they were supposedly not allowed to stay.

John Hamilton