Motorbikes flood south

news: Motorbikes flood south

THIS FOUR day event is large and loud! Faro is resounding to the rumble of engines for the 24th International Motorcycle Meeting, which runs until July 17.

Around 40,000 bike enthusiasts from all over the world are expected to arrive at the Vale das Almas camp site near Faro. Some 950 volunteers are set to work at the event, manning bars, kitchens, reception areas, handling security and undertaking cleaning duties.

In a recent press conference held in Faro City Hall, José Amaro, president of Moto Clube de Faro (Faro Motorcycle Club), said that the “excessive policing” of previous years had made many participants “apprehensive”, causing bikers to avoid the city centre. He said that both the organisers of the event and Faro Câmara would like to see the situation change this year in view of the fact that the event is principally touristic in nature and brings considerable revenues to the municipality.

Câmara President, José Vitorino, said that he would like to see the motorcyclists returning to lower Faro, where the Câmara is organising activities and entertainment. He emphasised that the Câmara would be providing the same financial and logistical help as in previous years. The Red Cross, INEM and Faro Hospital are also lending their full support to the event.

Among the many events planned, the musical programme this year features bands including Fénix, The Gift, Barricada, Nazareth, Off The Wall, Toca Rufar, Peter Frampton and Pedro Abrunhosa. For more details, contact Moto Clube de Faro on 289 823 845.