Motor show at the marina

Motorbikes, cars and fashion will be featured at the Motorexpo Algarve event at Albufeira Marina, which runs until August 15.

Jaguar, Range Rover and Mazda brands will be on display from FIAAL while MSCar will be showing Abarth and Suzuki brands and Lacocar will present examples of Volkswagen and Audi models.

Other companies including Peninsula Motorsport, NRT Tuning and Loja Auto Albufeira will be at the Motorexpo Algarve event enabling guests to see their products, including buggies, quad bikes and tuning equipment.

Motorsport celebrities will also be attending the event with Algarve Rally champion Nuno Pinto and former Dakar Rally competitor Ricardo Leal appearing at the show.

The exhibition has been organised in conjunction with the handicrafts event IV Mostra de Artesanato de Albufeira and the Modalfa Fashion Show.

The exhibition will be open daily between 7pm and 11pm and is free to enter.