MotoGP “must avoid F1 mistakes” to have spectators in stands

The MotoGP race, which will take place at the Algarve International Racetrack in Portimão between November 20 and 22, will have to “avoid the mistakes” that were made at last weekend’s F1 Grand Prix.

This will determine whether the race will be carried out in front of spectators, said Portugal’s Secretary of State for Sport this week, adding that the work has to begin now in order to ensure “better sanitary conditions” than those witnessed at the F1 race.

João Paulo Rebelo admitted that the consensus is that things did not go as smoothly as they should have at the F1 GP, and that improvements will be needed.

Said the secretary of state, the MotoGP will be a “very special race” for Portuguese motorsport fans who will have the chance to see the country’s star rider Miguel Oliveira up-close.

But to do so, there will have to be “compromise” from everyone.

“I believe it is perfectly possible to balance the attendance of spectators with sanitary safety,” the secretary of state said.

Indeed, he believes this way of thinking has to be extended to all sports, as spectators are needed to keep “smaller events and sports clubs” going.

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