Mother jailed for killing her baby

A FRENCH woman was jailed for 20 years in Albufeira on Thursday (April 10) for the murder of her child in Olhos d’Água.

Audrey Laurence Villegente, 27, received the heavy sentence for killing her new born child.

Villegente had been working as a baby sitter at the crèche in Club Med da Balaia when she gave birth on August 20 last year.

Villegente killed her baby by placing her in a sack and drowning her in the sea. An autopsy revealed that the baby had been alive for at least eight hours before the drowning, making the case one of homicide rather than infanticide and carrying a far heavier sentence.

In an unrelated case on the same day, Felisbela Modesto, 19, was found in the toilets of the Almada health centre, near Lisbon, trying to hide the foetus she miscarried when blood was spotted running from under her cubicle door. The foetus was found dead by a hospital worker.

Modesto is being investigated by the PJ police of Setúbal for infanticide and will be interviewed in the coming days. The female foetus was taken to the Instituto de Medicina Legal in Lisbon for autopsy.

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