Mother dies after ‘battling for life’ following food poisoning that killed young son

Laboratory test results under ‘Secrecy of Justice’

A second family member has died following an incident of suspected food poisoning that claimed the life earlier this month of a seven-year-old boy.

The 48-year-old mother, who had been in a critical condition since being admitted to hospital, lost her fight for life on Christmas Day, in Coimbra Hospital, where she sought help with her husband and two children on Saturday, December 9.

The family started becoming ill after a meal involving meatballs two days previously. Their initial symptoms (on the Friday) worsened to the point they sought medical help the next day. The husband and elder child quickly recovered, which has been part of the puzzle of this incident.

Investigators took various ‘tests’ within the family home, and in places where they had passed after eating the potentially ‘toxic’ meal, and before they started getting symptoms.

The case is being handled by PJ judicial police, and is covered by ‘secrecy of Justice’ – meaning no details have been given on the results of the various tests, nor of the results of the autopsy of the child who died. ND

Source: SIC Notícias