Mother and child win battle for right not to be vaccinated against Covid-19

The exhausting battle waged by a mother and her 12-year-old daughter for the latter’s right not to be vaccinated against Covid-19 has finally ended, with the youngster free to pick up her life as normal.

The problems began after the DGS health authority ruled in favour of vaccinating children, in spite of the fact that the medical profession remains divided (click here).

Indeed, the General Medical Council emitted an opinion against mass-vaccinations from the age of 12 only days before the DGS came to its decision.

As such Paula Fatri – as well as her daughter Vera – were not convinced (click here). However – as reports have explained – Vera’s father (separated from the mother of his child) was – and was said to be insisting Vera should take up the vaccine.

There thus followed weeks in which mother and daughter hopped from ‘home to home’ (from paid accommodation to staying with friends), determined to avoid the father and his intention to see Vera vaccinated.

Paula Fatri told reporters it is not that she is ‘anti-vax’ in any way: Vera has all the vaccinations required by the national vaccination programme. She is simply anti- this particular vaccine because “there are many doubts on the adverse effects in the medium- to long-term”. Scientific studies “are manifestly insufficient”… “there is no doctor to guarantee or sign below that everything will go well… and for this reason I have the obligation to protect my daughter”, she explained.

The pair were waiting for a court hearing to allow a judge to decide. This has now taken place – and the father has promised the court that he will not “oblige his daughter to be vaccinated”.

Judge Claúdia Salazar stressed however that it wasn’t the court’s place to decide questions on vaccination. It could only ensure that the parents came to an understanding so that parental visits could return to normal.

Leaving the court Paula Fatri said: “finally my daughter can have peace because now she has certainty that she won’t be vaccinated, and she can pick up her life with tranquility”.

This is a case that was also heard pre-the court hearing by the Commission for the Protection of Children and Teenagers.

The decision has seen Vera return to spending one week with her father and one week with her mother as she did before the vaccination of 12-15 year olds began.