Motards show faith

SAGRES WAS recently invaded by more than 20,000 motorcyclists, who gathered to commemorate Dia do Motociclista (Bikers Day) on April 22. The day’s high point of emotion was reached when a solemn mass, to pay homage to the motorcyclists that had passed away, and a blessing of the motorcycles took place.

Even the cloudy sky and cold wind did not deter the thousands of ‘motards’ who eagerly travelled from many different countries. Commencing at 2pm, a procession of bikers carrying banners, flags and standards of their motorbike clubs, made their way from the church to the fort where a stage was erected for the celebrations.

Accompanying the procession were the GNR and their horses, which carried images of St. Vicente, patron of the village, and St. Rafael, the protector of motorcyclists.

Bikers Day is always commemorated on the weekend following Easter and is held in different locations each year.