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Mosquito canopies can be stylish

INSECT SOLUTIONS/Mosquito Canopies is a dual functioning company that aims to offer a full range of products to help get rid of those dreaded mosquitoes, bugs, insects and other pests, as well as offering high quality netting to make custom designed canopies to stop them from reaching you.

The netting is sourced from the UK, Germany and the US and is available in a wide range of colours – there are around 50 to choose from. Custom made four poster frames to fit around your existing bed or wall brackets for the canopies to hang from, are also available.

High quality

The canopies can easily be made to measure or are available off the peg, which come from Germany and Holland. Prices cater for all pockets, from the most inexpensive up to the most beautiful bespoke canopies to suit any taste and décor.

“We found that standard mosquito canopies are not all that attractive and traditional mosquito netting is a bit dull, with holes that are still large enough to let in baby mosquitoes and other insects. The netting we use is high quality fine soft nylon tulle, which works extremely well to prevent mosquitoes and other insects as the holes are smaller than those in traditional mosquito netting”, says Jim Guthrie, creator of the company with his wife, Deborah.

Their insect solutions are all safe and chemical free and the range includes ultraviolet zappers, ultrasonic repellents, lamps, fly screens, portable devices and solar powered devices.

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