Morocco and Silves in joint venture

KING OF MOROCCO, Muhammed VI, has made an agreement with Silves Cãmara for a series of joint exhibitions to be staged in Silves, showing a collection of North African artistry. The exhibitions will, predominantly, feature pieces made from wool and wood, the type of crafts that were traditionally practised in Silves in years gone by. Work from Morocco’s most prominent artists is set to cross the ocean to be part of the exhibitions. Moroccan Ambassador to Portugal, Samir Arrour, confirmed the news during a recent visit to Silves. In addition, Silves Archaeological Museum has submitted a proposal to the commission responsible for the programme for Faro Capital of Culture 2005, led by António Rosa Mendes, requesting that the joint exhibitions be included on the agenda. The museum is now awaiting a reply from the commission, in order to go ahead with arrangements for the exhibitions, but is concerned that financial support may be needed. Director of the museum, Conceição Amaral, said: “Silves should not be left out of the programme for Faro Capital of Culture, especially because Silves, on a patrimonial level, has the responsibility to show the historical link between the Algarve and North Africa.”

Visa problems could

prevent artists’ visit

Conceição Amaral is hoping that there won’t be a repeat of the visa problems that have prevented Moroccan artists travelling to Portugal in the past to exhibit their work. Portuguese consuls in Rabat (Morocco) have also previously refused visas to artists who were invited to attend a Moroccan painting exhibition in Portugal.