Morgado do Quintão

Morgado do Quintão hosts Evolve For Entrepreneurs retreat

Between May 17 and 21, event participants will learn creative practices to enhance their personal and professional development.

Algarve winery Morgado do Quintão is hosting Evolve for Entrepreneurs between May 17 and 21. The residential retreat is designed to teach participants creative practices to help them increase and enhance their personal and professional development.

During the four-day event, entrepreneurs will learn how to approach business differently. According to the organisation, it will help participants “share ideas, experiences and knowledge, to build alignment on their purpose and how they undertake in their professional and personal dimension”.

The project was developed by team members Anne K. Scott, Paula Jones and Taylor Roark, each contributing with diverse professional and life experiences. Together they have created a leading team in business and personal training, working collaboratively with diverse thinkers to create new approaches and philosophies.

Anne K. Scott, Paula Jones and Taylor Roark.
Anne K. Scott, Paula Jones and Taylor Roark.

Morgado do Quintão was chosen to host the Evolve for Entrepreneurs as it increasingly looks to distinguish itself as a venue for differentiating projects “with the same DNA and vision regarding culture, artistic creation and entrepreneurship”.

Winery owner Filipe Caldas de Vasconcellos says, “If there’s one thing we believe in, it’s creating beautiful possibilities. It is part of our mission here, and we look forward to serving as the right platform for connections and discoveries during the Evolve For Entrepreneurs retreat.”

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