More trains for Sintra and Azambuja Lines

news: More trains for Sintra and Azambuja Lines

THE RAIL LINK between Queluz and Belas-Damaia, the busiest section of the Sintra Line, will have trains running every four minutes during the rush hour period from this week onwards, an announcement from Comboios de Portugal (CP), Portuguese Railways revealed.

In addition to the timetable alterations on the Sintra and Azambuja lines, an increase in the number of carriages and seats is promised for the passengers using the two lines each year. More than 120 million seats per year will now be made available for the service operating between Queluz and Damaia, an increase of 24 per cent.

During the rush hour periods (7am – 10am and 4.30pm – 8pm), the busiest section of the Sintra Line will benefit from 14 trains per hour, an increase on the eight that have been operating until now. On the Azambuja line, the frequency of trains will be increased, thereby cutting down the waiting time for passengers. CP claims the passenger capacity will increase by between 17 and 100 per cent on the Sintra Line and by between 16 and 37 per cent on the Azambuja Line.

The new timetable also means you do not have to change trains as often and the introduction of direct connections is something that CP believes will make a real difference to journey comfort and speed.

Linha de Sintra

Sintra-Rio de Mouro: eight trains per hour (every seven minutes)

Cacém-Barcarena: 12 trains per hour (every five minutes)

Monte Abraão-Benfica: 14 trains per hour (every four minutes)

Queluz-Belas, Amadora, Reboleira, Santa Cruz-Damaia: trains will stop at these stations every four minutes.

Linha da Azambuja

Azambuja-Castanheira do Ribatejo: two trains per hour (every 30 minutes)

Vila Franca-Alhandra: four trains per hour (every 15 minutes)

Alverca-Oriente: six trains per hour (every 10 minutes)