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More than just a practice – your family doctor

A family practice creates caring relationships with patients and their families, getting to know them well.

Your family physician is specially trained in preventative medicine, seeing you as a whole person, through all stages of your life. He treats disease but, more than anything, keeps you healthy.

Family Physicians are the only doctors who specialise in ALL of you.

Research shows that a good, stable, ongoing relationship with a primary care practice team has better overall health outcomes, lower death rates and lower total costs of care.

If other specialists are required, your family practice team will organise it all and liaise with them.  

A good family practice has a real “health team” including more than one family doctor, for the best care of their patients, so that, if needed, there will always be someone who knows them well.

The nurses know your names and the names of your children, how scared you are with injections and how bad your veins are to find when giving blood.

At reception, friendly well known smiling faces, the first people you talk to when ringing for an appointment and that you see when entering the practice, ready to help, making your life easier, much more reassuring than a stranger.

The cornerstone of a family practice is an ongoing personal relationship with your health team, focused on integrated care. To be like an extension of your family…is the working pledge of the Luzdoc team.

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