domestic violence

More than half young people have suffered violence in relationships – and think it’s normal

Worrying data published on Valentine’s Day is that more than half the number of university students questioned in a new study have said that at one time or other they have had an abusive relationship.

A slightly higher number (67%) seems to think this “completely normal”.

Even more depressing is the fact that a third of girls questioned admitted to having practised ‘acts of violence’ against their boyfriends.

Type of abuse ranges from physical to psychological, through social media and/ or controlling attitudes over dress styles, social habits and ‘other behaviour’, explain reports.

The study has been supported by the government which has now come up with a campaign using the hashtag #NamorarMemeASério (loosely translated ‘love me properly’).

The campaign’s purpose is to “eliminate violence in relationships, with the objective of identifying some patterns of behaviour that demonstrate violent situations”.

Promoting a national helpline number 800 202 148, the message is “if your boyfriend or girlfriend has attitudes that leave you feeling uncomfortable, with the objective of controlling, dominating or humiliating you, this is a sign that something is wrong. This is not a healthy relationship”.

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