More than a third of Portuguese “don’t want Covid vaccination”

More than a third of Portuguese quizzed have said ‘they don’t want to be vaccinated  against Covid-19’.

This is the message coming from a study undertaken by Eurosondagem for onlines Porto Canal and Sol.

The answers may stem more from people ‘not wanting to be injected with a vaccine that has only been licensed for emergency use’. As media outlets stress: “Emergency Use Authorisation is a mechanism by which regulatory authorities facilitate the availability and use of unapproved medical products such as vaccines during public health emergencies”.

Answers thus from 37.2% of those taking part in the inquiry implied they “do not believe in the efficacy of the medication that should be arriving in Portugal in January”, explains SIC television news today.

This is an issue that Portugal’s vaccine coordinator Francisco Ramos raised, even if only obliquely last week. He stressed that once the country embarks on phase one of the vaccination programme, we will all “have to wait some months to see if the vaccines do what they promise” (click here).

Says SIC, the study’s question was:“When there is a vaccine against Covid-19, will you trust it and get vaccinated?” 48.5% of those taking part answered “yes”, 37.2% said “no”; 14.3% “had doubts, either not knowing or not wanting to reveal what they would do”. 

Broken down into men and women, the majority of those who don’t want the vaccine are women (37.2%), against 36.9% of men. 

Of those who are in favour, men make up 49%, women 48%.

Says SIC, the study did not break down answers into age groups.

But it came as today’s latest statistics were published – announcing another 88 deaths, among them the first fatality of a female Covid patient under the age of 20.

From the north, the teenager has been described as “a young woman with multiple pathologies”.

Today’s high death count followed yesterday’s figures which reported the largest number of deaths since the start of the pandemic – all of them patients over the ages of 60.

Portugal’s Covid panorama now is of 4,413 new cases; 137 fewer patients interned in hospitals (503 in ICUs), and ‘recoveries’ registered in 4,805 cases.

This has brought the number of active cases in Portugal down to 70,786.

As has been the pattern for the last few months, the north is the area still registering the highest number of new cases (this is in spite of large swathes of it being under ‘severe restrictions’ for weeks, including lockdowns from 1pm every day at weekends), followed by Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo, the centre, Alentejo and the Algarve.

At time of posting, a full breakdown of the latest data had not been posted online. Click here to find the link to ‘Relatório de Situação nº 285’.

To recap, since the start of the pandemic in Portugal, there have been 344,700 people found positive for Covid-19, of which 268,453 have recovered and 5,461 have died.