More than a million have broadband in Portugal

news: More than a million have broadband in Portugal

THE NUMBER of internet broadband clients (ADSL) in Portugal has risen by eight per cent this year, meaning 1,132 new clients. Broadband packages, such as PT’s Sapo and Optimus’ Kangaroo, are by far the most preferred by new clients.

In the third quarter of this year, the number of new broadband subscribers shot up to 84,000 customers, representing an increase of 51.4 per cent, according to data issued by national communications authority Anacom.

At the end of September, the number of ADSL clients reached 641,000, although clients who accessed broadband internet services through a modem upgrade was 488,000.

ADSL broadband is already the main internet choice in the country for 57 per cent of all internet users and, according to Anacom, four out of five new subscribers to internet (68,000 new clients) chose ADSL in the third quarter of 2005.

Brussels to decide complaint against PT monopoly

THE EUROPEAN Commission is to make a decision on Sonaecom’s monopoly complaint against Portugal Telecom (PT) by the end of the year.

The telecommunications company owned by Belmiro de Azevedo has lodged a complaint with Brussels against the national telephone operator, saying it is abusing its dominant position in the broadband market.

The news was announced at the 15th Telecommunications Congress at Belém congress centre recently. Angel Tradecete, from the European Commission Director General for Competition, said the matter would be decided after receiving a reply from PT on the questions that the EU has put to it.

PT’s chief executive, Miguel Horta e Costa, speaking on the last day of the congress, said PT’s lawyers in Portugal and Brussels were working on the case. Sonaecom, which was absent from the congress, wants PT to be forced to separate its cable networks.