More than 54,000 foreigners asked for nationality in 2021

SEF issued 47,278 opinions, 46,855 of which were positive.

Over 54,000 foreigners applied for Portuguese nationality in 2021 and the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) issued 46,855 positive opinions, mostly to citizens from Israel and Brazil, according to the Annual Internal Security Report (RASI).

The 2021 report, approved this week by the Supreme Council of Internal Security and delivered to Parliament, shows that, in the past, there had been a decrease in the number of applications for Portuguese nationality, totalling 54,288.

The report said that SEF issued 47,278 opinions, 46,855 of which were positive and 423 negative.

According to the report, the most represented nationalities were Israel (20,252), Brazil (11,109), Cabo Verde (2,242), Ukraine (1,285), Angola (1,277), Venezuela (1,023), Argentina (1,004), India (967) and Guinea Bissau (768).

The number of requests made to acquire Portuguese nationality by naturalisation represented 73.5% of the total and acquisition by marriage 12.2%.

Source: Lusa