More than 4500 non-SNS doctors ready to step into fight against Covid-19

More than 4500 doctors no longer employed by the SNS health service have responded to an appeal to bring more medical professionals into Portugal’s fight against the new coronavirus.

Launched by the head of the doctors association Miguel Guimarães, hopes are that the ministry of health will be able to use the expertise to “allow more balance” in the gruelling timetables currently being worked by those in the field.

Rest in this developing drama is essential, stressed Guimarães.

In a statement to the press, he said the 4,500 number doctors who have left the SNS (for whatever reasons) and/ or those who have retired.

“Doctors have always been on the side of patients in difficult times and would never leave them in the face of a pandemic that poses such immense challenges for all countries”, he added, stressing nonetheless that it “is not easy to be working in times of such great uncertainty” in which doctors are essentially risking their own lives and “leaving family behind”.