More than 41,800 old folk live alone or in ‘isolated spots’
Photo: GNR

More than 41,800 old folk live alone or in ‘isolated spots’

A GNR survey of vulnerable old people – those living alone or in isolated places – has detected more than 41,800, with the districts of Guarda, Vila Real and Faro (meaning the Algarve) leading the way.

Censos Sénior has passed details on to ‘the relevant authorities’ of 215 situations deemed to be of “greatest vulnerability”.

In numbers, Vila Real in the north has the largest number of vulnerable old people (4,736), followed by Guarda (4,183), Faro (3,272), Viseu (3,201), Portalegre (3,147) and Bragança (3,142).

In the capital, only 626 old people were flagged as ‘alone and/ or isolated’, while Porto registered 1,026.

Censos Sénior 2019 went ahead last month, and saw GNR agents take the opportunity to advise pensioners on how best to protect themselves against risks, whether behavioural or in becoming the victims of criminals.

It’s a programme that started in 2011 and sets out to provide ‘better support’ for the elderly. Say reports, this year’s total is an improvement on last year’s which registered 45,563 vulnerable old people.

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