More than 300,000 watch idiotic video of teen throwing dog off bridge

An idiotic video taken by teens has generated social media outrage – though the animal thrown from Cruz Quebrada bridge swam calmly to safety following his dunking and was “congratulated” afterwards by his owner.

For now we are not sure who the owner is, but Tiger, his dog, is introduced in the clip as having a dream of wanting to fly.

He is then led by the lead on to the bridge, from which point he is man-handled over the railings and dropped into the water below. Tiger appears to go willingly with his owner onto the bridge, and certainly seems unruffled by the experience when he neatly scrambles to shore.

The clip closes with Tiger’s owner patting him and making him wave with a paw at the camera.

Within 18 hours of its posting on Facebook, the video had over 300,000 viewings and has been highlighted as another example of animal cruelty and human stupidity in Portugal.

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