Algarve’s hospitals and health centres welcome 136 training doctors

More than 20 Lisbon doctors suspected of ‘falsifying presences’

More than 20 doctors working in hospitals within the Central Lisbon hospital centre are suspected of having ‘falsified’ their presences. An investigation into this suspected form of fraud began in 2019 on the basis of a ‘tip-off’. According to Público, cited by SIC television, all 20 doctors remain at their posts today. The allegations are that they will have furnished colleagues with their log-in passwords, which will have given hospital authorities the impression they were actively on duty (which they apparently were not). It is not clear from SIC’s report today whether the doctors are agency staff hired by the hospitals of São José/ Santo António dos Capuchos/ Santa Maria/ Dona Estefânia/ Curry Cabral and/ or Maternidade Alfredo da Costa, or whether they have permanent placements within the central Lisbon hospital authority.