More than 2 million Portuguese can’t afford to heat their homes

More than two million Portuguese cannot afford to heat their homes. 

As the polar blast eases slightly today, the chill in most homes remains intense – invariably because of poor building methods.

Yet 20% of households are coping without recourse to any heating, reports SIC television news. In fact, they do every winter.

According to environmental association ZERO, it’s “imperative” that the State steps in and starts helping with the insulation of buildings.

Meantime, outlets selling heaters of all kinds have ‘run out of stock’ this winter, while electricity consumption (for those who can afford heating) has skyrocketed.

Says SIC, the government is introducing an extraordinary measure to help families with their heating bills. It will cover around 10% of costs and cover bills from January 1 until the end of this new period of confinement.

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