More than 17,000 drivers caught speeding in seven days

National Road Safety Authority reports on “Travelling without haste” campaign

More than 17,000 drivers in Portugal were caught speeding during the seven days of the “Travelling without haste” campaign.

ANSR, the national road safety authority, gave its run-down of the campaign today, saying that 80% of drivers were fined via the country’s battalions of speed cameras.

The campaign ran from October 3-9, and involved ANSR and the GNR and PSP police forces.

In a joint statement, the three organisations said that 4.1 million vehicles were inspected using radar speed checks, 94.8% of which were carried out by the National Speed Control System (SINCRO), which is the responsibility of the ANSR.

Of the 4.1 million vehicles inspected, 17,400 were speeding, of which 3,300 were detected by the security forces’ radars and 14,100 by ANSR’s SINCRO.

The PSP, GNR and ANSR also report that there were 2,386 accidents during this campaign, resulting in 10 fatalities, 50 serious injuries and 733 minor injuries.

This campaign is part of the 2023 National Enforcement Plan and has been carried out annually by ANSR, GNR and PSP since 2020, with themes defined on the basis of the European recommendations established for each year.

This year’s onus was on speed, as it is (not surprisingly) one of the main causes of accidents on Portugal’s roads.

Source material: LUSA