More than 14,000 cases of swine flu

Statistics revealed by Portugal’s National Health Service on Wednesday, November 11, show that a total of 14,111 cases of the H1N1 virus, commonly known as swine flu were recorded between November 2 and 8, with schools being the greatest points of infection.

According to the ministry of health, in one week 121 people were hospitalised with the flu, of which 17 patients were put into intensive care, however the majority of cases are not serious.

Portugal’s health Minister, Ana Jorge said that 191 focus points of the flu virus were recorded in schools, which means that the virus’ activity is predominantly spread in the school environment.

On the same day, both Ana Jorge and Portugal’s Prime Minister were vaccinated against the virus.

On November 16, the country’s vaccination programme against the virus is due to be extended to include people with chronic illnesses and medical professionals.

For more information about the swine flu vaccine, please visit your local health centre.