More money for Madeleine inquiry

Dear Editor,

I read with real surprise the news that the Metropolitan Police Madeleine inquiry is being given yet more taxpayers’ money to pursue its rigid agenda. Like thousands of people, I have been following this case for years – mainly for the unanswered questions it seems to disregard for no apparent reason.

The fact that the inquiry itself was limited to focusing on the material “held by three main stakeholders” (the Portuguese police, British police and sundry detective agencies) meant that any other hypothesis was simply not allowed. I don’t get it. Upwards of £12 million has been spent ‘going over old ground’ with no leeway for any new lines of investigation.

I understand a letter to Theresa May, copied to Metropolitan police commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, has been sent in this regard by one of the many citizens’ groups that have formed to discuss this extraordinary case. This letter can now be found online.

It makes for salutary reading, as it cites early instances where high-ranking police have considered that an abduction could never have taken place.

I realise we are at a time in our history where suspicions of institutional corruption are at an all-time high, but truly, I cannot understand why there has been so little reaction to the apparent perpetuation of a cover up.

Name and address withheld