More means deployed to eradicate mosquitoes

New measures to reduce the unusually high number of mosquitoes in Armação de Pêra have been put into practice by the municipal authority of Silves, alongside the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) and the regional hydrographic administration (ARH).

In a recent press release, the authority explained that the main action consisted in the construction of a dike in the Amendoeira Golf Resort area in order to avoid the entrance of water from the local fields or waste water treatment stations (ETAR/ETA) into the Alcantarilha stream.

The municipal authority believes this measure will avoid the rise in the stream’s water levels and consequently lower the number of mosquitoes.

Additionally, the perimeter of the disinfestations has been broadened and their frequency heightened.

It was stressed that despite the inconvenience that these small pests cause to residents and tourists, the mosquitoes are not infected and do not represent a hazard to public health.