More hotels for Portimão

PORTIMÃO MUNICIPAL Assembly has approved plans for the construction of three new hotels between Praia do Alemão and Ponta de João de Arens and for a new sports complex in Barranco do Rodrigo.

The approval of the new projects is part of an ambitious plan to expand Portimão’s accommodation facilities for the beach and growing sports markets.

The new hotels will represent an increase of 400 new tourist beds in Portimão, between the V3 and the coast, next to the Prainha and Vau urbanisations. The smallest hotel will have a capacity for 90 bedrooms, while the other two will have 150 and 171 rooms.

The number of beds in the Portimão area will then be complemented by the construction of another 2,500 at the Morgado do Reguengo Resort, scheduled to open by 2010.

The sports complex at Barranco do Rodrigo will be located towards Alvor. A 50-metre Olympic swimming pool, a football stadium with a capacity for 10,000 people, a multi-sports pavilion and commercial areas will be complemented by a residential project for 250 villas covering an area of 35 hectares.

Although the sports complex will belong to Portimão Câmara after its conclusion, its property deeds have been temporarily transferred to the Lena Group which is promoting the development.

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