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More foreign doctors than ever in Portugal

A total of 4,503 foreign doctors were working in Portugal at end of 2022

The number of foreign doctors working in Portugal has reached an all-time high.

According to data from Portugal’s Order of Doctors cited by Público newspaper, a total of 4,503 foreign doctors were practising in Portugal at the end of last year.

It is the largest number ever,” writes Público. “Doctors from several European Union countries continue to arrive in Portugal, with Spain and Italy leading the way, although it is mostly Brazilian (doctors) who are contributing to the escalation of this statistic.”

In fact, Brazilians account for nearly half of non-native doctors who obtained a professional license in Portugal between 2018 and 2022 (420 out of 844), the paper adds.

However, Spanish remains the most common nationality in Portugal (1,681), followed by Brazilian (1,060) and Italian (244).

Further data shows that there are also 194 doctors from Ukraine, 164 from Germany, 99 from Angola, 91 from Colombia, 82 from Guinea-Bissau and 51 from Cuba.

By Michael Bruxo

[email protected]