More English style fayres please!

More English style fayres please!

Dear Editor,

I would like to say how much I thoroughly enjoyed the fayre last weekend at Praia da Luz. Having visited the previous fayre at Fatacil and found it to be too commercialised, I found the one in Luz to be a breath of fresh air and true to its title – it certainly reminded me of the typical fayres we enjoy so much back home, with scones and ploughmans lunches, old cars and lots of smiling locals. The only thing we missed was the wet sponge throwing at the stocks and the dunking of the Vicar! Sadly, we didn’t meet the Vicar at either event, so he obviously remained dry….

Regardless, the organisations should be proud of the work that went into both events, although we expected more of a turnout at the Fatacil event, given all of the publicity and road signs. The choir was interesting, although we were disappointed to learn that what we saw and heard was the rehearsal! Better notification would have helped, as I don’t think we were the only disappointed visitors.

More English style fayres please, and less people trying to sell to me when I just want to enjoy myself!

Mary Mullane, visitor from Ayamonte