More concern about feldspar mining

The deputy of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) for Faro has expressed his concern about the environmental impacts of proposed feldspar mining projects in Monchique.

The party recently met with the environmental group Associação A Nossa Terra and visited the areas around Picota where the two mining companies have applied for licences to explore and potentially extract feldspar.

As a result of the visit, Paulo Sá has expressed his “deep concern” over the threat that the mines could cause to the environment of the Serra de Monchique. “This mining will have a serious negative impact on economic activities in the municipality of Monchique and neighbouring counties,” he said.

Paulo Sá sent a document to the Ministry of Economy on the subject, asking if the government has already taken a decision about the mining licence.

Monchique residents had already started to fight against the plans and an online petition has reached more than 1,500 signatures already. They say the project will destroy the area’s unique environment and natural beauty.

The online petition, which hopes to get 5,000 signatures, can be found at www.thepetitionsite.com/1/save-Monchique-from-greedy-hands