More Christmas movies

HERE ARE some more fantastic festive films to get you in the mood for Christmas.

Elf – fans of Will Ferrell will love this hilarious movie about a man, adopted by elves and raised in the North Pole, who thinks he is an elf too. This is a genuine and heart warming flick for the whole family.

Home Alone series – the first film in this series is by far the best and is what propelled Macauley Culkin to stardom. A funny and heartfelt film about a little boy whose family forgets to take him on holiday with them at Christmas time.

Christmas with the Kranks – Jamie Lee Curtis, Tim Allen and Dan Akroyd all star in this comedy about last minute Christmas arrangements. Very funny!

Jack Frost – Michael Keaton plays a man who, after his untimely death, returns a year later as a snowman to help his family heal. Get the tissues ready!

The Night They Saved Christmas – a magical journey of discovery as three children race against time to stop some greedy Arctic oil prospectors from accidentally blowing up Santa Claus!

Prancer – A girl living with her father on a failing farm discovers that a real reindeer has fallen ill so she nurses it back to health, believing it to be Prancer, so she can return it to Santa.