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More childcare services needed

The Algarve needs more crèches and kindergartens, according to Vieira da Silva, the Minister for Employment and Social Security.

During da Silva’s visit to the Algarve for meetings and the inauguration of a new social security office, he said that this issue should be a top priority for the Programa de Alargamento de Rede de Equipamentos Sociais (PARES), the programme offering funding to social projects.

In a speech given at a presentation ceremony in Faro to announce which projects had been approved to receive a share of the total 6.8 million euros, Vieira da Silva said that PARES was keen to see more candidates applying for funding for crèches next year as it was one of the more essential aspects of community assistance, especially for parents in employment.

Vieira da Silva’s belief in the necessity for more crèches and kindergartens in the region was shared by the câmara presidents he met with during his visit. A great deal of emphasis has now been placed on this issue, so much so that the secretary of state for social security, Pedro Marques, was present at the inauguration of a câmara run crèche in Faro on Saturday, December 16.


PARES was created earlier this year in March, at a time when the government announced a 450 million euro investment over the next four years in key social institutions such as crèches, retirement homes and activities centres among others.

There were a significant amount of candidates who applied for funding this year from PARES, according to Vieira da Silva, some applications were unsuccessful. He said he hoped this programme was successful and offered it his full support.

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